Best Practitioner of the Year – Nominations now closed

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The Best Practitioner of the Year Awards acknowledge the individual or team who, in the opinion of the independent panel of judges selected by the e-Assessment Association, deserve to be recognised for outstanding use of e-assessment.

Institutions, teams and individuals are encouraged to submit their nominations for consideration. Nominations can also be made by a third-party, or even by a student who wants to thank a practitioner for making a difference to their education.

We want to hear about the people using technology to make a difference to their students - at any stage of learning - through the innovative use of technology for assessment for learning. We welcome applications from schools, teachers, universities, workplace training centres and more. The e-Assessment Association is seeking to reward excellence across all sectors and all geographies.

You can nominate an individual, a team or both for the Best Practitioner of the Year Award. Should you wish to nominate an individual and a team please complete two separate nomination forms.


Each submission will be considered on individual merit. For this particular award you may like to consider some or all of the following points:

  • What three words describe this individual or team? Why do they deserve recognition for their work using digital assessment for the benefit of their learners?
  • What digital assessment practices are used? Be as descriptive as you can! e-Assessment is the use of technology to enhance ANY part of an assessment cycle, so we’d love to know what technology is being used and how!
  • Vision / Purpose - What were the drivers behind the decision to choose digital assessment? What was happening before choices were made to implement digital assessment? Why now?
  • Impact / Assessment for Learning - Tell us a bit about the impact on the learners and how this was/is measured? What is great about it from a learner's perspective? How does it improve teaching and learning?
  • Innovation / Value for money - We are looking to celebrate everyone’s impact regardless of budget. We are looking for e-assessment champions and want to understand the innovation and value for money that has been realised through their work.
  • Inclusivity - How does the Practitioner or Team being nominated ensure equity of access? What steps are being taken in this regard?
  • Lessons learned - What lessons have been learned in the process and what would they do differently?


Nominations for this award are voted on by private ballot of all of the members of the Board of the e-Assessment Association.

The Board of the Association is made up of both Corporate and Ordinary Members who are each voted in for a three-year term at our annual elections. Voting is open to all of the Association's members just ahead of our Annual General Meeting each year. To find out more about Association and it's Board Members, please click the link below.