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Thank you for choosing to enter the 2022 e-Assessment Awards.

Top tips from our Judges

Each category has different questions and different criteria.

  1. Make sure you choose the correct category at the start. Every year the judges feed back that several entries were really entered in the wrong category. They may have been great projects, but simply did not make it past the first stage. If you are in any doubt, please contact Karen, our Awards Project Manager. Her email is [email protected]
  2. Make sure you answer every question. Your entry will be scored against each and every criterion.
  3. Please think carefully about the Executive Summary in relation to the Awards. Ensure that your response reflects the category you have chosen to enter. If your project is chosen to be one of this year's finalists, it is this summary that will be widely published.

Ready to enter?

You can start your entry and return to it at any time up to the entry deadline. Please complete all the fields in Section One of the form below to start.

Then save your entry. Click Save and Continue and make a note of your unique URL. You can then use that URL to return to the form and edit your entry at any point up to the deadline.

Then when you're ready, fill in Section Two of the form. The relevant questions will only appear when you choose a category in Section One.

You can click Save and Continue at any time to save any changes you make. Only click Submit when you are ready to enter.

Any questions, please read our FAQs and the key dates.

Entering for more than one award?

Please just start your first application form, selecting the first category you wish to enter at the top of the form and entering your contact details. Then click save and continue to generate a unique weblink for that form. Make sure you make a note of this unique url before returning to the Awards website Enter Now page to start a new application.

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