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The work and efforts of the eAA would not be possible without our sponsors. Please visit their websites to learn more about their role and involvement in eAssessment.

City & Guilds is the UK's leading vocational awarding body, with over 1000 employees, providing over 50% of all NVQs and with over 1.8 million learners every year. We've got more than 8500 centres in 81 countries all over the world - and an international network of offices to support them.

At City & Guilds, we believe in excellence through collaboration. In our work to develop and promote vocational skills, we draw on expertise and support from industry, the Government and individuals. In turn, we lend our experience and offer financial support to organisations and projects that share our vision and values.
Partnering with companies across a range of sectors including the K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Education markets, Learnosity provides the technology behind many of the world's best assessment solutions. Highly scalable & extensible by design, our goal is to build assessment technology which enable our clients and their development teams to build powerful and engaging digital assessment products with minimal time & resources. All Learnosity elements are designed to seamlessly integrate with other products and platforms.

Learnosity has over 70 employees working in its offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin and Sydney.
With decades of experience in developing software for maths education, Maplesoft is revolutionising how maths-based courses can be brought online using technology that improves student comprehension, retention, and success.

From automatically graded practice and homework questions that truly assess students' abilities, to fully online courses that keep students engaged and learning, Maplesoft solutions allow educators to take full advantage of online learning in math-based courses.

Providing powerful tools to help teach, test, assess, and meet the challenges of STEM education, with Maplesoft you can bring learning to life.

Our software is currently used by 90% of higher education institutions across the world - learn more by visiting
RM Results is part of RM plc, the British company with over 40 years’ experience providing technology to the education sector. Together with the world’s leading exam boards, government ministries and awarding organisations, RM Results is modernising the assessment landscape, using the world-leading high stakes e-marking tool, RM Assessor.

As an internationally recognised and growing market leader, RM Results has deployed RM Assessor in some of the most highly respected awarding organisations across the globe. RM Assessor provides a clear and intuitive onscreen marking experience, delivered completely online.

Alongside providing world-leading e-marking software and services, RM Results is trusted by the Department for Education in England to play a pivotal role in the creation of school performance tables.
AlphaPlus is one of the UK’s leading educational consultancies drawing on the professional experience of a team whose work spans the public and private sectors, covering education, assessment and evaluation, as well as the ICT industry. We also have significant experience of assessment development work overseas.

AlphaPlus can draw upon a team of over 100 associates, each of whom brings many years experience in education, covering schools and post compulsory education, as well as roles in many of the supporting agencies and government departments.
We are actively engaged with the latest educational developments, on both a strategic level, through our research and evaluation projects for UK Government, and at a practical level, through the experience of our associates in all aspects of educational development and change.
Axia Interactive Media is a market leader in creating ‘E-Portfolios for a Purpose’

Our unique offer lies in our ability to directly map any rubric for the assessment of skills demonstrated in the workplace onto our pioneering platform. You do not need to change what you do to fit into our system, our system is flexible enough to reflect what you do and in the process enhance the quality and effectiveness of what you assess.

We apply the latest technological developments to capture complex processes and convert them into simple to use sites, which only show users what they need to do, at the point they need to do it and still provide an opportunity for them to fully demonstrate the skills they have developed.
BTL Group Ltd. provide technology solutions for e-Assessment and e-Learning. We provide a turnkey service for the design, scripting and production of learning packages, including components such as needs analysis, assessment, portfolio kits, courseware and accreditation tools.

We provide both the on-screen assessment content and the delivery systems and services to Government Agencies and Awarding Bodies for use in both learning and examination settings. Further information about BTL and its products and services can be found at
Digital Assess is dedicated to the advancement of evidence-based assessment and helping learners most effectively evidence their capabilities. We deliver assessment software that is intuitive, scalable and robust, offering academically underpinned, innovative approaches. Our assessment technologies are used by learning centres, training providers and accreditation bodies to support the delivery, assessment and verification of evidence-based qualifications on a national and international basis.

Our goal is to change learning for the better and make evidence based assessment more reliable, easier to validate, more authentic and simpler to manage.
Prometric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment.
Its market-leading test development and delivery solutions allow clients to develop and launch global testing programs as well as accurately measure program results and data.
Prometric reliably delivers and administers more than 10 million tests a year on behalf of approximately 400 clients
in the academic, financial, government, healthcare, professional, corporate and information technology markets.
It delivers tests flexibly via the Web or by utilizing a robust network of more than 10,000 test centers in more than 160 countries.
For more information, please visit
PSI is one of the largest and most respected assessment companies in the world with 70 years’ experience of providing solutions to government agencies, corporations, professional associations and certifying bodies. Globally, PSI employs 1,200 staff and manages a test centre network of over 700 locations.

In IT Certification, PSI has set the global standard for performance-based IT skills assessment. In Government and Professional Certification it delivers high stakes, high volume testing programmes including, from September 2016, the UK driving theory and hazard perception test, acknowledged as the largest single eAssessment programme in the world.
SCHOLAR is a programme of Heriot Watt University.

The SCHOLAR team have supported e-learning development and staff training in e-learning in many countries including India, China, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. With our vast range of content written for a number of A level and SQA examinations we are well placed to support students anywhere in the world in their final school years as they prepare for those important exams that lead to university entrance.

The SCHOLAR programme is probably the largest online learning programme in the world with over 100,000 registered students in Scottish secondary schools. It provides online educational resources and a 'virtual college' support network. Drawing on its special expertise in interactive and distance learning, SCHOLAR materials have been specially written by subject specialists from schools, colleges and the university. They bring together the best of innovative learning with tried-and-tested educational approaches.
About Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University is the tenth oldest higher education institution in the UK. It originated as the School of Arts of Edinburgh in 1821 and, in 1966, became a University by Royal Charter. More than a quarter of our 7000 on-campus students in Scotland are from outside the UK and this international focus is also demonstrated by the 10,000 students worldwide studying on our international programmes. Heriot-Watt has four student campuses: three in Scotland - Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders and Orkney - and a campus in Dubai.

Heriot-Watt has an internationally renowned expertise in distance learning and computer-supported open learning.
The Scottish Qualifications Authority is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland. We work in partnership with industry, universities, colleges and schools to provide high quality, flexible and relevant qualifications and assessments - embedding industry standards where appropriate.

We aim to be recognised as a national and international leader in the delivery of our qualifications, statutory obligations and the quality of our services.
TestReach is a comprehensive online assessment solution that can deliver any type of exam online, from simple tests right through to formal, high-stakes exams.

Assessments can be run anywhere in the world, at any time, with complete security and integrity. The cloud-based application includes the option of integral remote invigilation (online proctoring) which enables exams to be invigilated over the web by our trainer supervisors. With intuitive software to create assessments, over 50+ question types, interactive canvasses for candidates, as well as advanced marking and reporting features, TestReach covers all your assessment needs in one easy-to-use and scalable solution.
Vretta is a global education technology company that specializes in creating award-winning interactive learning and assessment solutions that are revolutionizing the way students engage with mathematics.

Vretta has designed and developed engaging resources in mathematics at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, which are currently being used by universities, colleges and schools in Europe, Canada, and the United States. In particular, its resources incorporate the philosophy of "assessment for learning" - that assessment should be a tool to promote student learning and enjoyment of mathematics. Vretta creates these resources in collaboration with clients to ensure that they meet the specific needs of the users.

Vretta has also created state-of-the-art assessment platforms, homework management systems, real-time statistical dashboards, and numerous administrative tools that have empowered teachers and administrators to monitor and guide their students towards a successful learning experience, preparing students for their careers and day-to-day lives.

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The take up of e-Assessment and computer assisted assessment is increasing world-wide and is defined as the use of technology to measure skills, knowledge and understanding. Within the workplace and education (from the school room to the post graduate seminar), trainers, Government Agencies and test providers are actively engaged in developing technology based assessment solutions that enable them to provide reliable, flexible assessment for learners, students and employees.

Formed in 2002, Assessment Tomorrow ( is a leading:

international organiser of conferences and seminars,
provider of consultancy services in the field of e-Assessment as well as being an
acknowledged adviser to education, industry and government on the implementation of e-Assessment.
Drawing on expertise from the UK, Europe and worldwide, Assessment Tomorrow manages projects and organises conferences/seminars aimed at informing and assisting policy makers, assessment developers and providers. Conferences cover the implementation of e-Assessment in the workplace and in the classroom and provide the opportunity to understand and successfully implement e-Assessment solutions, debate the issues and find out about the latest developments. Assessment Tomorrow conferences and seminars provide a forum to showcase e-Assessment solutions to government departments, industry and academia and suggest the best paths to successful implementation of e-Assessment.
ProctorExam was established in 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is the leading European online proctoring company with a strong focus on technology. ProctorExam licenses out its platform to partner organizations wishing to offer their own labelled online proctoring services. Our proctoring partners are spread across the globe with hubs in The United States, Spain, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and The Middle-East.

The ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS) includes the first 360 degrees monitoring capabilities, a fully web-based solution and a highly customizable platform to offer your own branded online proctoring services. ProctorExam users include Philips Healthcare, The Flemish Ministry of Education, The University of Amsterdam, Sorbonne University in Paris, Hertfordshire University and many more across the world. Contact ProctorExam if you would like to become a new partner.

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