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Meet The Board

Below you will find pen portraits of the eAA Board Members, all of whom are happy to speak on e-Assessment and their given areas of expertise.

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Matt Wingfield
Matt Wingfield

eAA Chairman

Chief Business Development Officer, Digital Assess

With over twenty-two years experience within the UK education market including seven years as a primary school teacher and ICT Coordinator and more recently over fifteen years experience working in a variety of roles for TAG Assessment, a leading provider of e-Portfolio/evidence based e-assessment solutions for schools, F.E., H.E. and work-place training, and as the Chairman and Membership Secretary for the eAssessment Association, Matt has built-up significant understanding of the issues relating to assessment within education.

Matt is dedicated to building close and highly productive partnerships with key stakeholders within the wider education market, so that through promoting greater awareness of the innovative technology enhanced assessment solutions available, he continues helping educators and learners to gain the most out of using effective e-assessment as an integral part of teaching and learning.

Skills: E-Learning, Strategy, Management, Evidence-based Assessment

Patrick Craven
Patrick Craven

eAA Vice Chair

Director – Quality, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement – City & Guilds UK

Patrick has over 25 years’ experience in the field of accreditation, assessment design and educational technology. From the design of educational resources with MESU/NCET and BECTa to running of post-sales technology support departments with an Apple Computer reseller, his career has always addressed the fusion of education, skills development and assessment technologies.

For the last 15 years this work has focussed on the specific field of learning and assessment research and development linked to Government Policy and national accreditation programmes.  This spanned work with the RSA Examinations Board, OCR Examinations, Cambridge Assessment Group and now he leads on  Policy, Product Research/Design and Stakeholder Engagement for City & Guilds. This role considers the growing impact of Policy and new technologies on the learning and assessment industry. It also identifies initiatives to enable City & Guilds to develop and extend the range and quality of learning and assessment products and services they offer.

Throughout this period he has remained committed to the notion of ‘fit for purpose’ assessment based on evidence-based research. Patrick also sits on the Board of the UK e-Assessment Advisory Group, Joint Council for Qualifications and is an advisory member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies Board.  He sits on the planning committee for the European Association of Test Publishers Conference and is a member of the Society of Leadership Fellows.

Skills: E-Learning, Educational Technology, Instructional Design.

Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud
Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud

eAA Treasurer

Director, AlphaPlus Consultancy

I have worked as a consultant in the assessment industry since 2004, becoming a Director of AlphaPlus Consultancy in 2006. Previously I was an engineer in the satellite communications industry focussing on using IT to support the engineering design process. I brought these skills to the assessment field and from the outset had a particular interest in eassessment for both formative and summative purposes.

I have hands on experience of test development, deployment and statistical analysis from projects such as the NCTL Skills Tests for Qualified Teachers, on-screen deployment of functional skills and the diagnostic skills tests for LearnDirect.

These projects have brought experience of the challenge of bringing stakeholders along with the e-assessment advocates! I also have international experience, most recently working on the redevelopment of the Saudi vocational qualifications system, which includes extensive use of e-assessment technology for college and short course qualifications. I am currently a co-opted member of the eAA Board, acting as treasurer.

Skills: E-Learning, Online Testing, Project Management.

Tim Burnett
Tim Burnett

eAA Executive Committee, leading on the new eAA Remote Proctoring SIG

Head of Marketing, BTL Learning & Assessment

Since his graduation from Loughborough University in 2000 with a BSc in Industrial Design and a teaching qualification, Tim has kept educational technology at the core of his career and personal activities. Over the years Tim has worked on a variety of learning and assessment projects with organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4, EON Productions, National Museum of Science & Industry, City & Guilds, Government Education Agencies and other educational providers. Throughout this time, best practices in the implementation of edtech have been a key point of interest and engagement.

Working at BTL and being on the board with the e-Assessment Association has enabled Tim to develop a strong insight into the considerations and opportunities facing the future of education and its ongoing relationship with technology.

Skills: Project Management, Program Management, E-Learning, E-Assessment and Marketing.

Patrick Coates
Patrick Coates

eAA Executive Committee, eAA Awards Committee

International Skills UK, Director

Patrick has worked in e-assessment since the late 90’s having worked on a number of e-assessment programmes with UK awarding bodies e-assessment which included working with QCA and other Government bodies on promoting the adoption of e-assessment. It was working with Promissor (subsequently acquired by Pearson) and then Prometric that led to the choice of MBA dissertations – ‘Barriers to adoption of e-assessment by UK Awarding Bodies.’  Patrick was involved with the creation of BS7988:2007 – The code of practice for the use of IT in the delivery of assessments and subsequently was international editor for the standard to become adopted as ISO 23988:2007. It was this experience that led Patrick to join the team working with the four organisations which regulate qualifications in the UK – the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), DELLS (Wales), CCEA (Northern Ireland) and SQA and their collaboration to develop a publication, E-assessment: Guide to Effective Practice.

Patrick is now working as an independent consultant in the field of e-assessment supporting UK & US companies with their international strategy and business development activities and providing consultancy to Governments in the Middle East and South Africa.

Skills: E-Learning, e-Assessment Strategy, Business Development, Account Management.

Helen Claydon
Helen Claydon

eAA Awards Committee

Senior Research Fellow, ACER UK

Helen is an experienced assessment content development manager. She has worked in assessment for more than 20 years, with much of the past 10 years working on e-assessment projects.

Helen has developed summative and formative assessments for ages from 6 years-old to adult. Her experience covers all aspects of the assessment development process, including assessment design, item writing and review, trialling, test construction and standard setting. She has also participated in the procurement and implementation of e-assessment solutions.

Currently working at ACER UK, the UK office of the Australian Council for Educational Research, Helen is responsible for developing content for assessments such as the Scottish National Standardised Assessments. Prior to this she worked at the Standards and Testing Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Education, where she was responsible for content development for the National Curriculum Tests in mathematics and the content development and ongoing quality assurance for the Professional Skills Tests for Prospective Teachers. She has also worked at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Edexcel, QCA and NFER.

Skills: Test Development, Assessment Design, Programme Management.


Graham Hudson
Graham Hudson

eAA Awards Committee

GA Partnership Ltd – Independent Consultancy

Graham is a long-standing member of the educational assessment community, having worked in the sector for over 30 years. He has been involved in many of the significant developments in general qualifications, including the introduction of GCSEs, Curriculum 2000 and National Curriculum at Key Stage 4.

Whilst at QCA he was responsible for the marking and collecting data for the Key Stage tests and after a move to DRS Data Services Limited was part of the team responsible for the first implementation for the live marking of UK examinations using scanned scripts. His interest in eAssessment started whilst at QCA where he led a development change programme involving all the regulatory bodies in the UK looking at the uses of new technologies in assessment, having won several £m of funding from the Treasury.

Latterly he has owned a franchise helping business to be successful at selling their products and services and now runs his own consultancy businesses supporting organisations in the assessment sector.

His great passion is to harness technology of all kinds to improve the examination experience that candidates face, the reliability of the assessments and marking accuracy.

Graham is happy to be called upon to speak, with key interests in implementation of development programmes, the approach to procuring e-Assessment and other systems, getting the best from your teams, strategic planning and business development.

Chris Peat
Chris Peat

Customer Services Director, Axia Interactive Media.

Chris has had an active involvement in Education and Assessment for the past twenty years. He managed the East Leeds Family Learning Centre from its creation in 1995. The centre achieved national prominence for its work in encouraging non-traditional adult learners back into learning and employment. In recognition of this work in 2002 he was awarded an OBE for services to Adult Learning.

Since 2004 he has worked at Axia Interactive Media on developing online systems that reflect and then enhance existing assessment methodology. The company has specialised in the development of sites that support the capture and assessment of professional and vocational skills. Chris therefore has extensive experience of working with professional bodies and training organisations. Latterly he has started to work with Universities on applying online assessment to courses where vocational skills are assessed.

Throughout this time he has been a school governor and has just resigned as Chair of Governors of a large High School in Leeds, having been in that role for the last 15 years. He has also been an internal moderator for NOCN courses.

Skills: Business Development, Educational Technology.

Tim Downie
Tim Downie

Business Development Director, RM Results.

Tim has 20 years’ experience in the local government, education and public sector markets at director of business development and bid director levels. His career to date has included senior roles at several leading information technology organisations including BT, Agilisys and Enterprise plc.

Tim has worked for RM for just under ten years: prior to his appointment in July 2012 as Business Development Director of RM Results, Tim was Head of Business Development for RM’s Educational Technologies division. His current role centres around defining and driving business development strategy for RM’s internationally-renowned exam e-marking solution, RM Assessor.

Skills: Development and execution of sales and marketing strategy, high value bidding (especially in the edtech and public sector markets), team leadership and development and global business development.

Michelle Boardman
Michelle Boardman

Head of Virtual Campus, University of Derby Online Learning

Michelle has been involved in education and the use of technology as an enabler for over 20 years, working in the media, FE, community learning, work based learning, HE and online learning.

Michelle is particularly passionate about how, through technology, barriers to assessment can be reduced. This stems from early days in FE taking laptops out to learners in the workplace so they could take a test to gain a qualification; and Michelle explored this approach further through working at the BBC, using narrative and gamification to entice users into taking assessments – making it fun! Now, with a focus on online learning within the HE sector, Michelle is leading on the use of e-assessments to reduce barriers adult learners continue to face when wanting to engage in learning – time and place. Through the use of e-assessment these barriers can be removed; asynchronous assessments and also synchronous assessments through online proctoring.

Gareth Hopkins
Gareth Hopkins

e-volve Specialist, City & Guilds

Gareth has worked in e-assessment since joining City & Guilds in 2005, where he is currently the specialist on e-volve, the organisation’s summative e-assessment platform. When Gareth started most of his time was spent building and delivering banks of Multiple Choice questions, but for the past few years he’s been primarily involved in supporting the use of Advanced Question Types to broaden the methods of assessment used. The most prominent examples of this are their Functional Skills tests, which use written-response, bespoke Mathematics question types, and ‘in-app’ tools. Gareth has also built a reputation for taking off-the-shelf tools in the system and using them in ways they weren’t originally intended to be used (in a good way).

Gareth is most proficient at the practical side of developing e-assessment content, taking the requirements of item writers and examiners and delivering them in the most appropriate way possible. This has meant that he has developed a keen instinct for, and interest in, what makes assessment valid – which has in turn fuelled a desire to make e-assessment accessible to all users wherever possible.

Skills: e-Assessment, Assessment Design, Test Development