the e-Assessment Association


The following is intended to give responses to the most common questions we get asked about the e-Assessment Association, but if you have other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us by following the ‘Contact Us’ links on this page.

Can anyone join the eAA?
Yes. The eAA is open to anyone aged 16 or over who is interested in furthering their understanding of or who wants to share their experience of using technology enhanced assessment with others. We welcome everyone from the learning and technology sectors - teachers/tutors, university/college students, administrators, training providers, system providers, etc.
What kind of membership do you offer?
Free membership is available for individuals.
Paid sponsorship for organisations and corporate companies is also available.
How do I join?
For free individual membership, go to

To become an eAA sponsor, go to and get in touch.
Does the e-Assessment Association organise events and conferences?
Yes. We organise the international e-Assessment Awards and run a session at the annual e-Assessment Question in London, UK.

If you have a suggestion for an seminar or event theme, or would like your organisation to host an event, then contact us through the website.

We also co-host or sponsor a number of e-assessment related conferences: full details are in the 'Events' section.

We also provide speakers for conferences and events looking for expertise in the field of e-assessment, from our elected Board members.
Is the e-Assessment Association just focused on 'on-screen testing'?
No. On-screen testing is just one aspect of e-assessment. The eAA promotes and supports a greater awareness of the many other types of technology enhanced assessment that can be used to support teaching and learning including simulations, evidence-based assessment (e-portfolios) and work-place assessment.