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Beyond Multiple Choice 2018

November 07 2018

A brand new event co-organised by Assessment Tomorrow and Perigean Technologies in Washington DC. "Computer based assessment has grown significantly since the early days of automatic test publishing and certification. We have seen developments like paperless examination projects, e-proctoring, credentialing and open badges, social media, 'Bring Your Own Devices', the growth...

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Webinar: Mindful assessment design (HEA)

November 07 2018

Presenter: Dr Samuel Elkington (Higher Education Academy, UK) This session explores the concept of mindful learning as it applies to assessment design. We will cover the current thinking and evidence for promoting self-regulatory practices to reframe student-centred assessment as a primary vehicle for authentically personalised learning. This includes student sensitivity...

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Transforming Exams - e-Exams Symposium

November 24 2018

Transforming Exams is an Australian Government funded research project looking at approaches to conducting authentic digital assessment in the exam rooms of Australian universities via the use of Bring-your-own laptops. The project involves 10 Australian university partners and is lead out of Monash University. See for project information. "Teaching...

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35th International Conference on Innovation, Practice & Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE 2018)

November 25 2018

The theme of ASCILITE 2018 is ‘Open oceans: Learning without borders’. "Picture sitting on a beach and looking at the ocean, stretching before you towards the horizon, and dreaming about the possibilities, reflecting on the past, or being mindfully present in the moment. The sea is vast. This vision captures...

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The 2018 International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference (TEA 2018)

December 10 2018

The International TEA is a two-day research-led conference organised by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Open University and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Call for papers, now open. Submissions can be submitted through the Conference Submission System until August, 27, 2018. See for more details about the different submission formats. "The conference is...

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