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Regulating Technical Qualifications Consultation

Nov 27th 2018

Response from The e-Assessment Association In July 2018, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) that regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England, launched a consultation on their approach to regulating Technical Qualifications. The consultation has now concluded and the full outcome can be found on the UK Government website. Click here to read the full report. Initially raised by individual members, the e-Assessment Association agreed that it was appropriate...

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The value of attending E-ATP

Nov 23rd 2018

eAA Board Members Tim Burnett (BTL) and Patrick Craven (City & Guilds) discuss the E-ATP Conference and the value to all members of the e-Assessment Association.

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Reflections on E-ATP 2018 from members of the eAA

Nov 21st 2018

eAA Board Member Tim Burnett (BTL) asks three members of the e-Assessment Association for their thoughts and reflections of the European Association of Test Publishers Conference held in Greece in 2018.

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Statistics for the Health Sciences course at Lakeland Community College uses Möbius Assessment

Oct 3rd 2018

Tags: Mathematics, Statistics, Online Testing, Online Assessment, Immediate Feedback No other discipline is associated with statistics more than the medical field. Because statistics is not a strong area for many health sciences students, they need additional help in learning and understanding statistics concepts. This case study explains why Lakeland Community College chose DigitalEd’s online testing and assessment platform, Möbius Assessment, to aid them in their statistics course.

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telc (The European Language Certificates) on moving away from paper to on-screen testing

Sep 27th 2018

Tags: Language Testing, Paper to On-screen, online assessment, rich media questions, mixed response types, psychometrics In this short interview (with full transcript), Sean McDonald from telc talks about why this language testing organisation chose to work together with BTL, and how features in Surpass have helped the organisation to start realising their ambition of creating innovative on-screen language tests.

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Gamified, Large-Scale Formative Assessment, MathleTIC, Engages Students Across Luxembourg

Aug 13th 2018

Tags: Formative Assessment, Mathematics, Digital Learning, Personalized Learning, MathemaTIC, MathleTIC The Luxembourg Ministry of Education (SCRIPT), in partnership with Vretta, the French Ministry of Education (DEPP) and leading testing and socio-economic research institutions, developed MathleTIC as part of their Digital (4) Luxembourg strategy project - MathemaTIC to help students enjoy mastering mental mathematics in a highly interactive digital environment.

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