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Assessing pedagogy’s use of digital exams

June 1st 2017

Patrick Craven, director at City & Guilds and vice-chairman of The e-Assessment Association, reviews the potential benefits of technology-enhanced assessment Article first published in Education Investor, 04/05/2017  E-assessment can take many forms. Whether it’s a multiple-choice test, marking online scripts automatically or by a human grader, or the use of a digital portfolio for evidence-based assessment – its applications are diverse, constantly evolving and converging as assessment methodology and technologies...

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Why do 95% of companies make bad hires?

May 24th 2017

eAA Board Member Graham Hudson is a long-standing member of the educational assessment community, having worked in the sector for over 30 years.  Here he writes for Training Zone. 95% of organisations of all sizes admit to making bad hires every year, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Study. Nothing seems to have changed since The Economist reported in 2006 that finding the right people is ‘the single...

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Digital Assess Wants to Use Blockchain Technology to Replace Paper Qualifications

May 22nd 2017

By Richard Kastelein, BlockchainNews First published May 18, 2017   Education technology firm Digital Assess is bringing Blockchain technology to the vocational skills market for the first time, with its Skills Blockchain project.  Funded by the Ufi Charitable Trust, the project is part of a five-year strategy that aims to deliver an increase in the scale of vocational learning. The project aims to demonstrate how – and more importantly why –...

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Bringing assessment into the digital age

May 16th 2017

While e-assessment has been widely used for a long time in a whole range of professional areas, if we look at mainstream education specifically, then could it radically transform the sector?

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The global nature of e-assessment, by Patrick Coates

May 4th 2017

Published in Training Journal. Tired of all that paper? Turn to e-assessments, says Patrick Coates. Technology is all around us; it’s an integral part of our daily lives and of most professional sectors, yet when we think about assessment, pen and paper are often still the tools of choice. However, digital assessment can greatly improve the testing experience of both those being assessed, and those doing the marking. So, what are...

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Streamlining assessments and exams

April 28th 2017

Published in Tech and Learning, April 2017. By Patrick Coates, board member of The e-Assessment Association. Every year, students across the country spend the end of the summer term in their school’s gymnasium or assembly hall scribbling answers to exam questions on paper, and then, once they complete their exams, they have to wait two painstakingly long months before they receive the exam results. Yet surely there’s a less drawn-out...

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