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Standing on Assessment Avenue – time to get the builders in

October 13th 2015

On Monday 12th October 2015, eAA Vice-Chair Geoff Chapman gave a speech at the Westminster Education Forum event - England's Examination System - next steps for reform. After introducing the eAssessment Association, Geoff went on to talk about the need to put our own house in order. The eAssessment Association is a professional body dedicated to promoting better assessment of knowledge, skills and capabilities of people through technology. We have over 1,200...

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Virtual Learning Environments – Running or limping into the future?

November 19th 2014

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) have become widespread in primary, secondary, tertiary/FE sectors as well as in higher education. Their use in workplace education and training is catching up fast. Yet, the impact of VLEs is not yet clear. VLE use ranges from being somewhere to store resources - the term ‘repository’ is often used as a criticism of VLEs, to being used as an interactive multi-media learning and assessment tool....

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Five Formative Assessment Tools  – fun, free and friendly

November 13th 2014

Last year I looked at the ‘free’ tools available on the web for formative assessment, this is the pick of this year’s tools. Critical success factors For a tool to be useful for educators it needs to be: Engaging – it encourages your learners to participate. Easy to use – time is the most cited reason why educators don’t make greater use of e-learning tools, so finding tools that are...

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e-Assessment Strategies for Engaging Millenials

October 17th 2014

by Bryan D. Eldridge, M.Ed., eCom USA/eCom Scotland The “generational differences in the workplace” conversation seems to be hotter than ever. The buzz created by this topic is primarily due to the fact that for the first time in history, five distinct generations are represented in the workforce (age ranges provided vary slightly by source): The Traditionalists – born between 1925 and 1945 The Baby Boomers – born between 1946...

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E-assessment is getting easier and more diverse

August 14th 2014

I spoke recently at a conference organised by Rod Gordon of Gordon Associates (  Essentially, the substance of what I was saying was that “e-assessment used to be expensive and technically challenging to implement, and there was not a great deal of diversity amongst the solutions on offer, but things are now getting easier, and more diverse”.  I thought I’d record these observations in a short blog post. People in...

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Towards Maturity Benchmarking

August 11th 2014

Over the last 5 years, the eLearning landscape (including eAssessment) has become clearer with the introduction of the Towards Maturity Benchmarking report. Previously, organisations wanting to find out how their on-line delivery compared to their peers could only access US reports, say from Deloitte, Bersin or Brandon Hall.   The Towards Maturity report, and access to the tools it uses, are freely available at with each organisation participating receiving a personalised...

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