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Bringing assessment into the digital age

January 31st 2017

Comment by Patrick Coates, director at International Skills UK and board member of The e-Assessment Association.

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Assessment software; Best to do it yourself?

January 10th 2017

Blog post by Chris Peat, Customer Services Director, Axia Interactive Media and Board Member of the eAA. We all know how important it is to assess someone’s skills accurately. The result of an assessment has the potential to be highly motivational for the individual and conversely it can have a crushing effect. Why then are organisation content to adopt ‘do-it yourself’ online assessment systems and sites. Across the country there are...

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New blog: Remote invigilation / Remote proctoring

January 6th 2017 Tags: ,

Patrick Coates, Director of International Skills UK and Board Member of the eAA writes about remote invigilation / remote proctoring and invites you to get in touch if you are involved in using or trialling remote proctoring, particularly with a view to share the challenges, questions and answers across the e-assessment community. Remote invigilation or proctoring₁ has been around for a while and I have seen evidence of its use...

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New Blog: What can business teach us about assessment?

November 9th 2016

I happened to be re-reading Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People recently.  Habit 2, Begin with the end in mind set me thinking about the recent anguished debate about ‘teaching to the test’.  Covey sets out the principle of envisioning the future so that you can plan and work towards it – which, in business, is kind of sensible.  After all, if you don’t know where you are going,...

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The European education landscape in a nutshell: Structure, technology and attainment

September 28th 2016

In this new blog post, Tim Downie from RM Results shares the key findings from research focusing on the education landscape across Europe. Looking at the underlying systems and infrastructures each country is using to support their technology initiatives, and how different countries are embracing change in the education sector.

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Developing and delivering e-assessments: the importance of communication

July 6th 2016

by Helen Claydon For much of the past 10 years I have been involved in e-assessment content development across a variety of organisations and assessments. In all instances, my experience of e-assessment has involved the assessment ‘owner’ outsourcing various aspects to third parties. Handing over responsibility for aspects of your assessment to a third party can be a nerve wracking experience. Establishing a collaborative working relationship is key to successful delivery. In this...

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