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Welcome to The e-Assessment Association

The e-Assessment Association (eAA) is a not-for-profit membership body with three major goals.

  1. To provide professional support and facilitate debate/ discussion for everyone involved in this field of expertise;
  2. To create and communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment and;
  3. To develop statements of good practice for suppliers and consumers of e-Assessment technologies. 

The eAA builds awareness of the benefits that technology brings to assessment, particularly around delivering better learning and assessment, rather than just greater efficiency. 

The eAA also works to ensure that it has a strong voice and influence in the key policy debates involving the assessment of learning, training and competency.


Latest Blogs, Features and Updates

Dec 14 2018

The LSAT is going digital exclusively on Microsoft Surface Go tablets

Published in By Shannon Liao@Shannon_Liao  Dec 10, 2018, 9:00am EST "The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an integral part of law school admission in the United States, Canada, and a growing number of...

Dec 14 2018

Digital NCEA exams reflect modern-world imperatives

The Southland Times Dec 04 2018 EDITORIAL: The very phrase "digital examinations" brings a couple of quite different scenarios to mind. Each potentially involves a measure of discomfort in pursuit of important information. Most recently,...

Dec 10 2018

Opportunities for improving quality of marking

Published by Ofqual, UK. November 27  "Ofqual takes the quality of marking of GCSEs, AS and A levels very seriously. Taken by more than a million students every year, we recognise that trust...

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